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William Brockman and Sons have been providing complete satisfaction to Dayton area residents for over 65 years – including our selection of Lennox boiler systems. These units work with your heating and air conditioning systems to maintain the temperatures throughout your home or office.

We take great pride in the products we install and the level of customer service each of our clients receive. Discover what all of our satisfied clients already know – no one compares to William Brockman and Sons when it comes to providing comfort and service!

Please take some time to browse through the boilers listed below and see which unit may be right for you.

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Lennox boiler systems

GWM-IE Boiler

High-efficiency, gas-modulating condensing water boiler systems.

GWB9-IH Boiler

The GWB9-IH boiler systems  offer an AFUE rating of 90%, which means it converts a full 90% of your fuel into usable heat.

GWB8-IE Boiler

The GWB8-IE boiler is full of features that provide years of heating benefits, including a cast-iron heat exchanger and titanium burners.

GWB8-E Boiler

Constructed of high-quality materials, including a cast iron heat exchanger and stainless steel burners. The GWB8-E boiler systems deliver reliable heating performance season after season.

COWB3 Boiler

Standard-efficiency, oil-fired water boiler.

GSB8-E Boiler

Standard-efficiency, gas-fired steam boiler.