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Cleaning Up the Air Your Breathe

Complete duct cleaning professionals have been known to remove around two grocery bags full of this material from an average home!  Your duct system is mostly hidden from view, but it collects the same things that are in a full vacuum cleaner bag: pollen, mold spores, dust, debris, carpet fibers, skin scale and hair, dust mites and their feces, food crumbs, pet food and cat litter, insect and rodent excrement and remains, pet hair and dander, construction debris.

Some of the facts to consider about home air duct cleaning services from Brockman Heating and Cooling include:

  • Poor indoor air quality can aggravate allergy and respiratory problems. Contaminants that enter your air duct system can be spread through your home and trigger allergies and other respiratory problems


  • Clean ducts and new filters dramatically improve the air quality in your home or business. A study by the EPA and the National Air Duct Cleaning Association showed that proper cleaning reduces allergy-causing particles in your ducts by 95%. They lower the dust on furniture and reduce your heating and air conditioning bills


  • Duct cleaning can save you money by unblocking the flow of warm or cool air through your system, allowing it to operate more economically. A clean system can operate 30% more efficiently than a dirty one, allowing you to save 30% on your utility bills! Clean systems are also less likely to break down and will have a longer life span


  • Brockman and Sons provides efficient, high-quality duct cleaning services for residential and commercial clients. We operate state-of-the-art equipment, enabling us to clean thoroughly at a competitive price


  • Our technicians are industry trained and certified, and undergo regular continuing education. They are good communicators and they like people – that’s why they are in the service industry
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Brockman and Sons Heating and Cooling price quotes are all-inclusive, with everything needed to clean your system thoroughly, but you only pay for what you need.

air duct cleaningCleaning the Ducts

Clean the air handling unit (furnace, blower, and air conditioning coil) – Hand wash the vent registers and grills – Apply a sanitizer to attack mold, microbes, and unpleasant odors

If you know the number of registers and returns in your home, we can provide a quote over the phone…and remember, there are never any hidden charges. We’ll count the number of openings when we arrive at your home, and if we find a difference in the number of openings, there may be a small adjustment to the price.